Chapter 5: Learn, Lead, Innovate

Chapter Synopsis:

Often innovation, is not an organizational problem, but a leadership one.  As leaders, do we embrace the learning that is in front of us and focus on “disrupting our routine”, or do we wait for others to embrace change? If we want to be innovative leaders, we must first become master learners. Immersing and embracing the opportunities that lie in front of us is crucial to leading our schools into a world full of new opportunities.

Further Reading/Exploration:

Grant Wiggins: A veteran teacher turned coach, shadows 2 students for 2 days
Knowledge Workers: 10,000 Times the Productivity (Stephen R. Covey)

The Innovative Leader (Rubrics)

Further Viewing:

To Innovate, Disrupt Your Routine – Harvard Business Review
The Crazy Ones (Apple Advertisement)

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are some ways that you get in the “middle” of learning to understand the needs of those that you serve?
  2. What is a new learning initiative that you would like to see in your school, and how do you model this learning yourself?
  3. Which characteristics of the innovative leader do you excel in, and where do you need to grow?