Embodying Visionary Leadership

As discussed in Alberta Education’s document on the Principal Quality Standard, a principal that embodies visionary leadership “collaboratively involves the school community in creating and sustaining shared school values, vision, mission and goals.” (Click for Blog posts on Embodying Visionary Leadership)

I feel that I have met this criteria by doing the following:

  • Believe first and foremost in helping to guide others to find their passion.
  • Working with students, parents, and staff and clarifying with them the vision of the school.  We believe that through focusing on building relationships with all stakeholders first, we can ultimately work to ensure that these same stakeholders can become leaders in our school community.  This vision is shown through the Forest Green/Connections for Learning Mind Map which is currently under development.
  • Through our Education Planning process, we worked with students, staff, and parents to understand our strengths, along with our areas growth.  This was a collaborative endeavour that was well received by the school community. The results of this document are listed on the attached Education Plan Summaries.
  • I have worked hard to include parents and staff of school initiatives that are based on current and future school community needs through open communication.  This has included communication through monthly newsletters, as well as using a conversational media through the Forest Green School Blog.
  • The school newsletters and website are not only to communicate with parents, but also show some of our success that we have shared as a school.   This has been shown in posts discussing the school’s Family Dance, students participating in the annual Choral Celebration, our success in having our first ever school basketball teams, and a discussion with students in grade 6  on what they liked about our school.
  • To facilitate change and promote innovation, Forest Green/Connections for Learning Professional Development Plan was created to give staff ownership of the direction of the school’s professional development.  It was also an opportunity for staff to develop leadership in areas that they are passionate about.  It was important that we used the following Forest Green-CFL Lead Team Planning Template to create goals and their measure for success.

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