Developing and Facilitating Leadership

As discussed in Alberta Education’s document on the Principal Quality Standard, a principal that develops and facilitate leadership “promotes the development of leadership capacity within the school community –- students, teachers and other staff, parents, school council for the overall benefit of the school community and education system.” (Click here for blog posts on “Developing and Facilitating Leadership“)

I felt I have met the criteria by doing the following:

  • Created a Professional Development program that builds upon the strengths of our staff.  This program has been highly successful within our school and has our staff very engaged in their learning.
  • Developed a school council with the Forest Green parents after several years of not having one within the school.  This has been an important element of the Forest Green School culture.
  • Worked with parents and staff to help create the 2010-2011 Education Plan.  This was a fantastic opportunity for our school to build upon the vision together.
  • Have focused on the priority that “Every child is a leader”, as defined by Stephen Covey’s, “The Leader in Me” book.  Through our staff focus on finding the passion of every child, we have seen greater success in our students through our Citizenship and Social Responsibility program.
  • Our focus on distributed leadership at the school level has trickled down to our students.  All assemblies at Forest Green School are student led, including our Remembrance Day Ceremony.
  • Through the implementation of our “Identity Fair” led by my Assistant Principal, we had a very successful program that focused on the strengths and passions of our students.  This program started by Forest Green School, has been implemented in schools all over the world and was also featured in Dean Sharesk’s K-12 Online pre-conference keynote, “Sharing; The Moral Imperative“.
  • Have placed several staff members in leadership positions within our school, including SNAP, ELI, Special Needs Coordinator, and Technology Integration Coordinator.  This ensures that we have several experts in different areas within our school.


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