Principal Quality Standard

The following pages discuss how I have met or are striving to meet the Principal Quality Standard as outlined by Alberta Education.  These 7 dimensions, I believe, help guide the path to not only successful practice, but also to a successful school culture and community.

The 7 dimensions are as follows:

1. Fostering Effective Relationships
2. Embodying Visionary Leadership
3. Leading a Learning Community
4. Providing Instructional Leadership
5. Developing and Facilitating Leadership
6. Managing School Operations and Resources
7. Understanding and Responding to the Larger Societal Context


  1. Natalie Miller

    Thank you so much, George, for your focus on building relationships and learning. I am truly enjoying the School Administrators Virtual Mentor Program! #SAVMP

  2. Ted Huff

    Thanks for the edification. At times administrators need to know that we are indeed doing what’s best for our school communities by forging ahead with technology and Social Media. Thanks again.

  3. Valerie Pitts

    You’ve inspired me to expand my connection and blogs. This is my latest a superintendent I’m working daily on prioritizing connectedness. Not always easy in our time driven worlds. Thanks for the prompt and learning!

  4. […] As someone who works with Instructional Technology, I am always looking for ways to stretch and grow while monitoring success in our projects along the way. This summer at our Liberty LEADS Conference, George Couros pushed bloggers to think about posting their evaluation standards on their blog and then creating pages that demonstrate exemplars in meeting these standards. The picture to the right is an example of how Couros shares his work in these standards. His blog is titled “The Principal of Change“. […]

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