1. Kelly Power

    George, great reflection. My favourite line was "my measure of greatness will be through the people I work with and what they do." I like this. I hope you continue to inspire those around you to DO something great. You are right. Everyone can be great.

    I will definitely take this thought into the start of my new school year. Thank you.

  2. This blog post of yours really has me thinking. One thing I want to do is to give more of my students the opportunity to be leaders: this will really help them see the "greatness" in themselves. I'm hoping to do this through an Identity Day, which I would love to be school-wide, as this would give so many students, teachers, administrators, support staff, and community members the opportunity to be "great."

    I would also love my students to have the opportunity to teach others. Before the school year ended, my Grade team was planning our first Health unit, which focuses on our new Board Nutrition Policy. As a grade team, we want the students to learn about this policy enough that they can use a variety of methods to even teach our School Council and possibly even Board members about this policy too. Teaching others gives these young learners the opportunity to both "lead" and to "be great."

    Thank you for getting me thinking about something as important as this!


  3. Just read this on my google reader and found it very interesting. It seems like we are on similar paths, kind of crazy, I had the opportunity to work with prof. dev this year on math instruction. I have no idea if I was great…all I know I was a nervous wreck (wish I had been on twitter for all this)! I received a lot of feedback in the weeks after letting me know how valuable the math instruction prof dev was and the knowledge kids were gaining.

    Loved the thought any one can be great (teacher, student, parent, etc). Opportunities are key and your Identity Day is such a way! Loved the presentation at the Reform Symposium!

    And on a side note…I guess the Lakers must be great too (31 final appearances and the past 10 years 7 appearances with 5 wins)…My Caveliers aren't there yet!


  4. George,

    That quote is one of my favorites and inspired a post of mine as well back in February! I think it's so tempting to hang back, play it safe and preserve the status quo at times, but we must take risks and go for it if we are going to inspire our kids to do the same. Thanks for always helping us remember that we must do that, even if it's not comfortable!

  5. "Great" post.

    “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

    Your staff is fortunate to have you as their leader. Encouragement by your administration is very important to allow teachers to think out of the box and school. Great things can happen if you are allowed to take the chance.

    I had to fight all of my administrators to do different things. They were reluctant to change and saw me as a threat. All I wanted was the chance to take my students on a different path that had not been explored yet.

    Please make sure to encourage your teachers and support them in their endeavors. A note here, a pat on the back, a kind word means a lot to staff members.

    • George

      Thanks for your comment and kind words Jerry! I appreciate you being an agent of change as routine is a good thing, but being stagnant in our learning is not. We need to continuously grow as educators if we expect the same from our students!

      I will do my best this year to encourage and not only appreciate, but SHOW my appreciation to my staff. I have a wonderful group of people that I get to work with everyday.

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