1. Thank you so much for posting this. I will be showing my principal as well as sending the link on to the head of guidance in our district. I really caught your passion and will definitely be doing it with my class, if not bringing it to my school!


  2. George, as I've said before, your presentation the other day was fantastic, and I'm glad that you shared the link to it here. I will definitely be sharing it with the teachers and administrators at my school. I hope that we're able to run an Identity Day next year too, and your inspiring talk is sure to help others want to run one as well.


  3. George

    I was absolutely blown away away with the incredibly powerful messages that were intertwined within your presentation on Identity day. You espouse the true qualities of a great leader and I cannot over emphasize the effect that it had on me. Seeing and hearing the examples of students such as Marley, the way you interact with the people across your organisation, your passion for including everyone and the emphasis upon connecting with individuals was incredibly insightful for me. I am an Assistant Headteacher from the UK – I follow your journey with utmost interest and as a role model to make things even better. Up the Lakers!!! (They've got a new fan)

    @jamieportman (from your PLN)

    • George

      Jamie…thanks for your comment and sorry for the delayed response! I appreciate your kindness and I am looking forward to seeing if you can implement something similar into your school. It has progressed my own thinking as a principal to realize how important it is to see the effect it has to get to know and understand staff and students. I am looking forward to seeing how things will progress this year!

      Thanks so much Jamie again. I appreciate your words and wish you a fantastic year!

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