1. George, I just finished listening to your presentation, and it was fantastic! I love how passionate you are about the students. You really care about them and want them to succeed, and that is clear in all that you say and do. Your school is lucky to have you as an outstanding principal, educator, and leader!

    Thanks for including my questions in your presentation, and many thanks for helping answer them too. The Identity Day definitely helped build your school culture, and I hope that we can do something similar in our school this year too. As always, thanks for inspiring me to try something new!


    • George

      Thanks for your comment Aviva! I do not think I will ever do a presentation any other way now. You and the others helped to guide my thinking in creating the presentation. It really helped me with my why. I try to use the same technique with our staff when we are doing new things so I thought I would try it with the blog. I think it worked great! Thanks for your support and coming to the session as well! Hoping to hear about YOUR identity day with your school 🙂

      • I really do love how you used your blog to help guide your session. It was great that you answered so many of our questions during your session, and I know inspired many of us to want to try an Identity Day at our schools. I hope that we do an Identity Day at my school next year, and I'm sure as our ideas develop, I will have even more questions for you. Thank you for always being so willing to share and help!


  2. George,

    This was a first for me — joining the reform symposium so I can learn from others around the world. Your leadeship is authentic and never loses sight of the importance of building relationships with everyone you encounter – students, parents, custodians…

    You model respect, life-long learning, the importance of voice and sharing one's talents and gifts for the good of the organization and kids. Standards-based and test taking mandates throughout the world buried this kind of connective and meaningful leadership you share and practice.

    Sincere thanks for the passion and energy you generated at the RS. It was a reminder to everyone around the world to follow your heart and do what is best for kids!


    • George

      Thanks Alicia! We are so proud of our students, and as a principal, I was so impressed by everything our school did on this day. It was fantastic!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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