1. Another great blog post, George! I love how you model for your staff what to do, and how you really do make the most of these amazing tools. Over the past year, I've embraced tweeting and blogging too, but Google Reader is still a tool I've never used but heard a lot about. RSS feeds are new to me too, but I think that they would help me a lot. I've also used Diigo a bit (more with my students than anyone else), and I haven't used Delicious at all. Over the next year, I want to do more with these bookmarking sites, and investigate Google Reader and RSS feeds too. There's always something new to learn. Thank you for reminding me about this!


    • George

      If you have a google account, "Reader" comes with it and it is a great tool. I believe that it saves SO much time as I can so easily go through the posts from blogs that you read. I also make bundles to easily categorize them. It has been an extremely helpful practice for me!

      • Thanks George! I do have a Google account, so I will have to check it out. I've heard about Google Reader for a while now, and it definitely sounds like something that would be worthwhile exploring. It's always great to try something new!


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