1. abel martinez

    please tell me the cost $$$ of the newsletters after the free first chapter. I like the info but don’t like paying for them. please advise.

  2. Improving mental health is a great goal for all of us. For me it is about being connected to the people around me, make with time, enjoy them, and share our ups and downs with each other. I too get great joy from spending quality time with my grown kids. They are wonderful, and I greatly enjoy talking with them. It hasn’t always been this way, so having this now in my life does greatly improves my mental outlook.
    Being kind and helpful to others keeps me mentally healthy as well. Volunteering when and where I can keeps me grounded in what matters most in the human spirit and how I should never take for granted the gifts I have.
    There is more to my story, but your thoughts inspired me to write some of my own.

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