1. Hello George,
    “The Innovator Mindset” is one of our required readings in our winter quarter class. Congratulations for writing such an inspiring book and must read about innovation!
    Audrey B-W, PhD Candidate and Entrepreneur

  2. Benoît Boulerice

    Hello George,
    I am a french retired principal. I have been a principal for 24 years in elementary schools. I have just finished reading your book “Innovate inside the box”. I really like the book because I believe in many ideas that was presented in your book. As an Education consultant, I am eager to present this book to my school board and other boards in my province. It is essential that every person working with kids be in touch with the content of your book ! Thank you for putting in words what I have encourage in my work as a principal and a teacher for 30 years !!

    Benoît Boulerice
    Education consultant

  3. One of my biggest takeaway from your post:

    “Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress.”

    Often when looking at school improvement plans, the goals are nice and shiny. However, what is most often lacking are the systems (strategy) that get you results, and how to measure them.

    Same goes with personal or professional improvement plans.

    Figuring out the best systems, and how to measure progress, are the hardest yet most important parts of any kind of improvement plans. As a leadership coach and principal, this is a key area in which we need to support our school leaders.

    Thanks for getting me thinking about this George – Merry Christmas to you and your family. All the best in 2020 my friend !

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