1. I always enjoy reading your synopsis of recommended articles, and for once, I'm happy to say that I actually read a lot of these articles over the past week too. They are definitely great ones to comment on!

    The one that really got me thinking though is Eric's article on Top 10 Roadblocks to Change. I remember having a discussion with my principal on some similar issues last year, and she reminded me of something important: change can be slow, but even if a couple of people begin to try something new, then that's success. It's true! For most of the year, the teachers at my school used some Web 2.0 tools, but the majority of them, were reluctant to use many of them for a variety of reasons. My principal made technology a school focus for the last three months of the year, and encouraged all of us to try something new. This made a difference. Teachers that barely touched the computer earlier in the year were doing Wordles with their classes, and a number of teachers tried on Storybird too. They liked it so much that they got their students to teach other students what to do. Students in all grades were using various blogging tools, and in Grade 1, we even used our blogs during Writing Buddies Time (with the Grade 6's) to get students writing together and teaching each other. We were giving students leadership opportunities (even those in Grade 1 and Grade 2), and it was fantastic! So these roadblocks may exist, but this year taught me that change is still possible.

    Sorry for writing another mini-blog of my own here :), but thanks for giving me so much to think about by sharing these articles here!


    • George

      You hit the nail on the nose. Sometimes we see change and get excited but in reality, REAL change takes time if it is going to be continuous. Time is needed for things to develop.

      By the way, I LOVE your mini blogs. You are always welcome to write them here 🙂

      • Thanks George! We obviously agree here. It's nice to see that change can happen when given the time.

        I'm glad that you like my "mini blogs" too. In order to attempt to take a real break from school work over the summer, I usually try to avoid writing blog posts for July and August. My "mini blogs" here give me the opportunity to still "blog" while sticking with my goal too.:) You always give me so much to think about, so it's easy to have lots to say!

        Glad that you choose to blog over the summer! Looking forward to your next post!


  2. Kelly Power

    George, thanks again for the summary of information. With all the links and articles that are referenced in my online world, I like seeing your summary to see which ones I would really benefit from. Sometimes I get too overwhelmed with the quantity of great resources, and I appreciate you identifying ones that I tend to relate to every week or that will benefit my work with educators and students. I have added a couple of these to my delicious account and have shared the articles with colleagues who I know would appreciate the information. You continue to touch others with very helpful information! I will continue to look forward to your "You Should Read…" posts!

    • George

      Thanks Kelly! I think that it is important to share our learning and there is too much to keep up with. I read a TON of articles through the week but bookmark the ones that have moved me. The plan is that every Wednesday I will post the "You Should Read…" column. Using Diigo makes it really easy to bookmark and share them on my post.

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