1. Dr. Ruth Hirsch

    I have put that great quote under my signature for my school email, with credit of course. Teachers and admin really need to remember this.

  2. Natalie McKalip

    This is what’s driving me crazy. I have experienced so many changes in my teaching career that were important at the time but, when the current “FREE” Learning Management System is going to charge a fee, the school corporation is asking everyone to learn a new program. What happens to all that testing data on the old LMS?

    • T Prabhakar

      You are a victim of circumstances. Don’t worry your LEARNING in putting together all test data in the old system will not go entirely as a waste.

  3. Jon Keaney

    Small steps can lead to big change. Where we start will determine where we end up after all the small steps accumulate. But all change is not equal and we must recognize and celebrate that a small movement in one direction is a big change for some.

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