1. George, I'm very interesting in following the discussion on your presentation. I loved your idea of Identity Day, and I'm certainly planning on doing something similar at my school next year. Character education is not only a huge Board initiative, but also a big school initiative too.

    Here are some of my questions for you:

    1) How do you build acceptance?

    2) How do you take the same big ideas and address them across the grade levels?

    3) How do you get parents and other community members involved in developing character education?

    I look forward to seeing the questions that others ask too as well as reading about some of the answers.


    P.S. I love how even when you're away, you manage to blog and tweet so regularly. I have no idea how you do it!

  2. How do you encourage your teachers to deeply listen to students? In my work in schools the pace, understandings of relationship, and ideas about the the "work" mediate strongly against adults listening deeply to students. Listening requires quietness, receptivity, centeredness, a lack of agenda. How do you work on this in what sounds like a truly lovely school? Yours…

  3. George! Great idea to post this in advance 🙂 You got to it before I did,but of course I am just co-facilitating a 30 minutes session so no comparison..teehee.

    I don't have any specific questions at this point; just looking forward to learning and listening with everyone who is there!

  4. How do you get everyone on the same page at your school? Our school has many teachers that kill any good idea…it's frustrating and I have not found a way to get them to see we all need to keep changing. Even if they are "The Best" there is still room to improve.

  5. Thanks for making the cogs turn.

    How would you know that a school had developed the culture you espoused?

    In essence, what would be evident on a day-to-day basis, not just during culminating events, that the "school" has developed a culture of passion, community and, I would assume, empathy?

    What would you see if you peered into the doors?

    Looking forward to the conference.

    • George

      Thanks Jeff…great questions that I am hoping I can address for you in my presentation. They have actually helped me to think about how I will end my presentation. Really appreciate it!

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