1. George wrote:

    Without [relationships] in our schools (for students and staff) we won’t be able to do the “next big thing” or even the “current thing” with any depth.


    You got it, Pal.

    100 percent.

    Relationships give us the leverage to move people further than they would have otherwise gone on their own.

    That’s SUPER interesting — and it is super important to remember. Sometimes in schools, we use other things as leverage — grades or promises of fun activities or threats of calling home to talk to mom and dad or some kind of unpleasant consequence like missing recess.

    I’d contend that if we concentrate on relationships first, none of those other things would be necessary. Even if that’s not totally true, I’d contend that we’d get a heck of a lot further if we used relationships as our primary tool for moving people forward.

    Anyway, I LOVE that relationships sits at the center of this image. I’ve always known that about you — so I’m not surprised. But I’m grateful because your voice carries weight. This image will change the thinking of tons of people.

    Well done,

    • George

      Thanks buddy…I am so with you on this and I know that relationships aren’t all we do, but without them, we can’t do much. I really appreciate you.

  2. Marilee Sprenger

    Relationships first… All else will follow! The first chapter of my upcoming book on social emotional learning in the brain is on relationships. Thank you for your wisdom and your comments. George and Bill, you are important influencers in our profession.

  3. Relationships drive everything and a lot of times it’s the most skipped. 15 years ago I asked my buddy how he had the highest scores and he said “Win their hearts and you get their minds.” I’ve been sharing this in presentations ever since.

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