1. Gary B

    Let’s not confuse education with schooling.
    Education.. a lif long process to empower the individual.
    Schooling.. the process of compliance and socialisation..finding ‘your place’ in the world ranking by testing in some cases, leader or follower, extrovert/introvert and sop on. So much of schooling is serendipitous happenstance..the luck of the draw, the right place at the time..parents will make an effort to improve their progeny chances

  2. Hey Pal,

    My favorite part of this post is the notion of whether or not there is a difference between ‘schooling’ and ‘education.’

    I think the answer is a resounding yes.

    And while I hate ‘schooling,’ maybe there is a place for it.

    It’s really rolling around in my mind lately, though. Probably because we are getting close to end of grade testing season here in the States.

    Hope you are well,

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