1. Good piece, Pal!

    The important thing about your value samples and those used by Zappos is that they are easy to understand — and easy to tell stories about.

    The stories that we tell about moments when people met our values expectations are the real culture builders in organizations.

    Hope you are well,

  2. Hi George,
    We are a brand new school and our very first process was identifying our core values. We decided to write them in a format that focused on talking to kids to ensure our focus was on them. Our vision wall is going up in the next few months. Here is what we came up with.

    OUR WHY:

    We Innovate –
    Because we believe you will make a difference in this world, we want you to…
    -Welcome and adapt to change
    -Work together to develop something new and better
    -Take risks to grow in your learning
    -Be creative in your thinking

    We Inspire
    Because you matter, we want you to..
    -Search for new and better ways to grow
    -Be proud of yourself and others
    -Persevere through failure
    -Commit to being your best

    We Wonder –
    Because we hope you always ask “why?”, we want you to…
    -Make connections and be curious
    -Investigate the world around you
    -Find and solve problems
    -Reflect on the experience and how to improve for the future

    We Care
    Because we love you, we want you to..
    -Do what is right, even if it’s not easy
    -Show kindness in your words and in actions
    -Take interest in one another
    -know that YOU are important.

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