1. Love this. I made the longer quote in to an actual canvas to hang in my office using Canva. It is a great conversation starter, and it really rings true when I think about the emotions involved in leading a school and working with passionate adults who care deeply about our learners’ futures.

  2. Brian Finger

    To quote a colleague of mine from years ago, “This may be my fifteenth year in 5th grade, but for each and every kid in my class, it’s there first and only year in 5th grade.”

  3. Carrie Neiger

    This article reminds me of something Benjamin Zander wrote in The Art of Possibility: Give everyone an A+. That’s not easy to do, but we need to be gracious enough to believe the best about both students and staff no matter what the previous year held for them. Thanks for sharing, this George!

  4. Michelle Davis

    Thank you for these encouraging words. As an educator we know that our students need a smile, to feel welcomed, to fit in, to just not be alone! We do, and want to support all of our students. Often times we do not think of our colleagues that we’re sitting beside in a meeting, or passing in the hall. We sometimes ignore those we meet in the hall, you may be the one ignored in the hall. As stated previously, a smile goes a long way. A smile or a hello can change the mindset of someone feeling lonely or upset. Your smile or act of kindness can turn someones life around. Acts of kindness are contagious, and can set off an avalanche of kindness. The more you make yourself do it, the more it will come naturally.

    I will definitely share these words through out the year. We always need reminding.

    I googled your name after seeing a quote from you on my principal’s note to our school staff.

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