1. Leslie Wagonseller

    Acknowledging your team, your community, your students and your staff goes along way – I love the “Calling the Parents of your staff” idea. What an awesome way to honor your staff.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas.
    I find them valuable and always appreciate a thought provoking article.
    L. Wagonseller

  2. Smita Sequeira

    Very thought provoking article. Thanks for sharing. The approach to assemblies in schools and the routines get so monotonous. It’s a lot we can do to make Learning more relevant at all stages in life long learning.

  3. Rick Bath

    Another great article. Building positive relationships is key. Thanks George for sharing and inspiring.

  4. Tammy

    A few years ago, my principal sent my mother a card. Inside the card, he had written about what a great teacher I was with specific examples. He spoke of his appreciation of me and how devoted I was to my students. My mom was so surprised as was I and I felt like a happy little child who just got a note from the principal to MY mom. He sent out 68 of those notes at the beginning of the year. Did it make a difference, you may ask, well it has been 11 years ago and I still think about it and when my fellow teachers get together to visit, it always comes up and how special and proud we were when our “parents “ told us about the notes. So yes, it does make a difference.

    • JuanitaFAdams

      Our principal @ginnygills wrote letters to staff parents and it did make a huge difference! We all need to feel loved and appreciated.

  5. Carol McMillan

    I feel so validated reading this blog. I have always used these ten daily in my teaching practice. As I moved to middle school, it is a little harder to have the students help with the room set up. Not much there to do. Having them be responsible for school bulletin boards, posters for school projects and fun raisers and cleanup and recycling are good ways to have students feel connected to the school.

  6. Julie Ebens

    Our small elementary school had a first year assistant principal last year who was in charge of discipline (among many other duties) for a Pre K-6 building. He made personal contacts with the parents of our students as well as hand wrote notes to all staff members. The future of education is bright with young leaders like him. Kudos to Mr. Ryan Huels of Oregon Elementary School!

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