1. Beautiful George…of course! Hope you make it through without crying..well at least only teary enough so you can still talk. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! What an amazing farewell speech. I'm not even a teacher at your school, but I was in tears at the end of it. If you and Miss Aronyk are anything like me, then I wish you the best in your goals not to cry. It is clear from this speech how much you care about the staff, parents, and students at your school, and I know that the entire school is lucky to have you! Enjoy your last day today, and congratulations on a very successful year!


  3. That is such a wonderful farewell speech for your 6th grade students. Gosh. it almost made me cry and I'm not even in the same country! 🙂

    I wish my kids had had a principal like you!

  4. Greta Sandler

    What a great speech! I don't think you'll reach goal number 1, though. Your speech has made me cry. It's really touching. Enjoy your last day. =)

  5. khyati Lakhani

    Hello Mr. George

    Amazing Farewell speech . Its difficult to express your feelings to others but way you have written shows your deep feeling and love towards your students . How lucky your students are

  6. Amajain

    Hello Mr. George

    if you remmember i was teacher in your school long time ago, we wernt very close but inside me ive always new you are a very kind and honest and i never had the time to say good bye to you i hope we will meet one day fro a cup of tea and forgive each other

    Amajain Deleraclains.

  7. sofia

    am actually crying tears of joy actually i am a grade 6 student this speech actually touched my heart, great job.

  8. sofia

    well it really took me time before i actually finish reading but on the bright side its really a very very good speech indeed.

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