1. I find it ironic when we (educators) talk about the next Steve Jobs.,, he dropped out of college after six months because the system did not meet his needs. Instead, we should be asking, how can we inspire and support the next generation of changemakers? What skills and experiences should we provide to nurture their creativity and problem finding/solving minds?
    You’re right – there’s only one Steve Jobs. Let’s learn from him, and work to ensure that students don’t have to ldrop out of the educational system to pursue their passions.

  2. I like this. We don’t need a next Steve Jobs…we already had him. We need the next person. And we don’t even know what that he or she is going to be like yet!

  3. Judy Wilson

    We can start with making homework something useful. We turn students off to school and learning by giving them the same hw we had when we were kids. Information has been emancipated. Ignite curiosity and let students explore, seek what they need to know and learn ways to apply it.

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