1. Jane Andrews

    You’ve brought up something that has always niggled at me when I speak with teachers who mention “stealing” ideas when they hear someone talk about a successful strategy or lesson. I can’t ever imagine attempting to replicate the facilitation of learning that I may have heard about from someone else. Sounds like a disaster before I’ve begun. The collaboration or remixing you’ve highlighted with the visual is really what teaching has always been about for me – the bringing together of ideas to create something new – something that fits the needs of a specific group of learners. Remixing isn’t new but we are certainly seeing more and more of it with amazing results, as you’ve shown with the visual. Perhaps you’ve read “The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future.” The author identifies remixing as one of the trends/forces that are already revolutionizing how we work. I’d highly recommend the book if you haven’t read it already.

  2. If I wanted to post Eileen’s graphic on my website, in addition to crediting her as the original source, I would also ask for her permission. (Obviously not necessary for you; since it’s about your book, plus you’re also using it for commentary purposes!). To exemplify, we wouldn’t just copy someone’s entire blog post in our own blog and think it would be OK because we added a citation; we would “share with permission”. Fair Use is far from black and white and totally needs updating, for example, should we ask for permission before sharing someone’s tweet in a blog post? Adding Creative Commons licensing to the creations we are OK with others publishing, using etc, makes this process easier, for now anyway!

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