1. George, this post was great! I just blogged (after a few months hiatus) about My Why https://living100percent.com/2017/12/29/my-why/
    When I’m working with the teachers in my district, I have to say, I do get caught up in the showing of the new tool however I try to start with the why without seeming too preachy. This post is reminding me to stick with that, even when people just want to learn about how to do the tool. If we haven’t determined our WHY then the WHAT becomes another new thing without any long term results.

  2. As a former salesman I LOVE this post. I’ve also done a lot of studying of copywriting and KNOW the importance of knowing how to speak your customer/student’s language, to find what they want, to know how to convince them, and more.

    George, are you familiar with the work of Robert Cialdini or Jeff Walker?

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