1. Cherrie Moore

    Thank you for this reminder. We are all people first! The employee or boss part is just our job. Kindness is the best way to lead and follow.

  2. Kadange V. Mvula

    Indeed, as educators we are role models in society, especially to our students. Therefore, whatever we do will have an impact on them, hence need to act with kindness towards one another regardless our position in an organisation.

  3. […] School leaders need to know staff to create similar “Goldilocks” scaffolding for individual teachers and individual PLCs to participate in productive struggle. Too often, a one size fits all approach is used with staff.  So, few teachers and PLCs are receiving just the right amount of support. We need to find a balance of having high expectations of our people to get their work done with excellence, while also ensuring that if they need help, they know they can come to you for support.  Weakness is not shown when asking for help, but it is often when you don’t ask for help when you need it most.  Make sure the people you serve know that you are there to help them when they need it most, as their success, is your success. George Couros   […]

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