1. Martha Arneson

    Thank You for this message! Looking forward to relaxing and moving forword in the following school year.
    Hope you get some time to relax yourself!
    Thanks again,
    Martha Arneson
    Dean of Students VES

  2. David Ferrell


    Thanks for sharing this post!! Sometimes it’s difficult to take a break if it’s not scheduled into vacation time. We have to make time to take time.

    Dave Ferrell
    Ed Tech TOSA IUSD

  3. Excellent points! Love that you addressed “teacher guilt”. As I have learned the importance of building margins (breathing space) into my teaching day and life, my December stress level as dramatically decreased and I enjoy the things I do even more! Saying “no” is easier now that I understand that means I’m saying “yes” to what’s important.

  4. The last sentence is the most powerful reminder! Thank you for your wise words. Our families deserve the best of us too….and I speak for myself when I say they tend to get the tired leftovers. R&R is calling. Merry Christmas!

  5. Thank you, George! I will be sharing this post with our staff. Coincidentally, I just shared with them that “:Take care of yourself” is our first statement in our Eagles Pride PBIS Matrix. (The others are Take care of others. Take care of our school.)
    Very timely message as we start our break on Friday.

  6. George,
    This really helped me. I especially like the quote: “You can’t be all things to all people, and having someone disappointed is much better than pushing yourself past a limit that you can’t come back from.” Many educators are parents, and being unnecessarily over-zealous in the workplace can lead to dangerous levels of fatigue, exhaustion, saying and doing things out of character, and right near incoherence. Teacher-guilt is real. Parent-guilt is real. Balance is in reflections like yours right here. You have no idea how much I needed this today. Thank you!

  7. George,
    Often times the key is to hear the right message at the right time. Which is exactly what your message it. It was forwarded to our faculty from our assistant superintendent, which makes it feel a bit more meaningful to me. Knowing that our school leaders are looking out for everyone in the building and not just the school is very comforting. This time of the year is extremely stressful for me because of a variety of reasons and your message reminds me that it is okay for me to set limits for myself and to say “no” sometimes (something I’ve been told often). I hope everyone who sees your message has a wonderful and rejuvenating break.
    Kris H.

  8. Hasna Akbas

    Nice ideas and warm feelings between the lines. It helps feel better when you see there are other people understand you and going through the same challenges:)
    Personally, not planning to sleep longer than I used to because I need more “me” time and quality “us” time with my family:)
    Have a safe and warm break.

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