1. Steve W.

    I agree with most of your analysis. However, we need to look at outcomes. Do you want “traditional” outcomes? We need look at how we want outcomes to change first. Then we can look at practices and make better decisions regarding “innovative” vs not. I also think it important to focus on the students and determine the “practices” we want for them. What learning, experiences and skills do we wish to see?

  2. Good points here, George. This struck a chord with me because in our work around innovating for Inquiry based learning, we contrast Inquiry to the ‘traditional research assignment’ because it’s what many people have always done. It’s not a best practice to start a research with the question, or worse a list of topics to research. Guided Inquiry Design is meant to help teachers innovate learning for Inquiry so their questions are relevant, worthwhile and what they are really curious about! An innovation mindset is key! ✅

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