1. Tom Bright

    Agreed, the point about the way the curriculum is delivered is most salient. However, the disparity of detailed content in the curriculum across both subject areas and key stages could be cited as the reason subjects are taught more explicitly than others. When several pages in the NC are dedicated to English objectives and yet a single page is given to music, this naturally raises questions about curriculum content and the impression this gives to practitioners.

  2. Jean

    And then there is the content of what innovative thinking is. I think that like study skills, collaboration skills etc., thinking with innovation is something that needs to be explicitly taught.

  3. Harminder

    What I understand from this is, that we can use the structure of the curriculum, while letting students learn (and go beyond!) it in a way that works best for them. This sounds a lot like differentiation to me! Teachers and students have to unlearn a lot of habits of thinking before they can become really innovative! So, innovation does not necessarily have to be technological, but technology has opened up unforeseen opportunities for innovation!

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