1. Thanks for ‘pulling back the curtain’ on this George! So often we have great ideas but can’t communicate them in a way that people listen! The strategies offered are great however seem most applicable when speaking in large groups ‘presentation style’…any other insight about strategies when communicating our ideas or other effective ways to get our great ideas out there? Thanks for always pushing my thinking!

  2. Hannah Golden

    George, thank you so much for your post! I am currently working on my Master’s in Education in hopes of becoming an administrator. The district that I am currently working at is in the midst of a lot of problems. I have been lucky enough to have a new principal this year that is working diligently on making changes across the whole campus. She is a prime example of your article. Between being able to read it in your article and also seeing my principal put these practices into place has been a great way for me to model my future practices after.

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