1. Hey George,

    This post really hit home with me. You are so right. Initiative is key!

    Whenever I would meet my new class of students, I would tell them that my favourite word is ‘initiative’. It soon became part of the dialogue in our classroom and even students as young as 7 were pointing out when others were using their initiative!

    In his post, Benjamin suggests that if you’re not an initiator you can be. I certainly have this belief, hence my promotion of initiative in the classroom, however, can the same be said for adults? Of course I’m optimistic this change can happen but how? What is the catalyst to having teachers decide to step up from ‘doing what they’re told’ to taking risks and initiating? An encouraging leader perhaps? Just like in my classroom example??


  2. Thanks for the thought provoking post, George. Today I was an initiator and it was well received. Encouraged to take more initiative and am grateful for the push to try something different.

  3. Susan

    I absolutely loved reading this post! It resonates so much with me and the conversations I have with staff during their ‘performance development’ meetings. I say “it’s ALL about YOU- what are you doing to make a difference? What are you waiting for ..?”

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