1. This post rocks my Thursday. it is priceless how this fits into where we are as a small 4k-8 district moving ahead with great kids. Many thanks! This wil be used as we foster positive growth mindsets as practitioners.

  2. Jim O.

    Thank you George – I needed that encouragement after debriefing our changes to PT Conferences with some of our staff this morning.

  3. Lisa Noble

    Way to go, George. I called my blog confessions of a sparkplug because that’s how I see my role sometimes. But sometimes, sparkplugs need cleaning. This post did that for me. At a recent PD session, we were challenged to think about our why. I felt grateful for administrators who have been asking me to do that for a long time (thanks, Simon Sinek), because some of the participants were being asked it for the first time.

  4. I have learned to avoid asking for “consensus” and I instead facilitate discussions about what we can and cannot agree with. A skilled facilitator can help a decision-making group (whether it’s a whole staff or a committee) understand the difference.

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