1. Great post! Better yet, ask teachers to create a goal at the end of the professional learning session related to student achievement. Assign buddies to help one another achieve their goal. Create that culture of immediate implementation. Not only does this hold teachers accountable, it focuses their minds on the students and it helps to ensure that professional learning is aligned to the current focus in the building.

  2. Hey Pal,

    I love this notion of “a cadence of accountability” to one another — and that conversations don’t ever lead to action. That’s ALL too common in education — and it is one of the reasons that we completely hate PD sessions. We KNOW that we are going to jump from one idea to the next with no real change — so what’s the point of investing in whatever we are doing today.

    Your “accountability question” is a super simple way to push teachers towards action — and pushing teachers towards action is never a bad thing.

    Totally dig it.
    Rock on,

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