1. Glenda Brewer

    Thanks for sharing. I find the article interesting. Especially the part that talks about finding other districts that are doing it, and finding out the “how”.

  2. Alcario Soliz

    I find the part about finding out which other districts are doing what you want to do and see how they went about starting it up and keeping it goin. AS well as how they got everyone to buy into the new ideas presented to them.

  3. Jarod

    The article stated that we need to keep open communication with all parties that are invested in students education. I liked that the school interviewed their own students to see how they felt on certain topics. The communication did not just stop within their own school. The school also reached out to other schools to see what they were doing. They had the opportunity to see/hear what worked and what did not work. What I liked about the article was the open communication that made everyone feel they had a voice.

  4. Karen wright

    I thinks it’s great districts are sharing ideas and solutions with each other. They may have to be tweaked according to needs but this helps strengthen the main focus..we are all here to help kids!

  5. Kristen Freeman

    I love the idea about asking kids their opinions to see what they need. I love that we have access to some many people doing innovative things in other districts through social media. It was not possible to collaborate with people around the world 20 years ago but now this is so easy to do.


    I really like the idea to ask students what they need. Even if they are so young they come up with interesting ideas!

  7. Lari Heiser Locke

    I think it is a good idea to let students have some input. It should make them feel like they have some ownership of their learning. This would hopefully motivate them to be responsible for their learning. Also, I think the ‘find a way or find someone who has found a way’ would fall under the everything is possible mindset. Where there is a will, there is a way.

  8. Jennifer Lozano

    Thanks for sharing. It is so true that we have many barriers in education. We need to change our way of thinking and find ways how we can overcome this barriers. We need to have the mindset that everything is possible.

  9. Richard Rundhaug

    I really like the flow chart and will share it with others. This is an excellent mind set we need to always uphold. Keeping the benefit of students as priority is something we need to constantly be reminded of because there are many competing prioroties.

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