1. John Watkins

    Thank you for this column. I’m no longer in education but enjoy your views. It is interesting how some teachers want to change the world but only use old styles of teaching. I agree not everything old is bad and not everything new is good, we just have to try and figure out what works best to keep the interest of the students so they can and do develope new skills.

  2. So appreciate your thoughts and efforts George. I have the pleasure of supporting those in Education who acknowledge our approach to how we address ‘drug ed’ is long overdue. It’s way more about creating inquiry, nurturing honest conversations (since hey, drugs can be a great thing – just think of that morning coffee or that end of week drink with your colleagues?), enhancing competencies and dropping the simplistic approaches that sadly still prevail!

  3. The need and scale of change is commensurate with the changes in society, as the purpose of education, in tandem with parents/caregivers, is to prepare our young people for the society that they will enter. Download (free of charge) the 200pp PDF ‘The Future of Learning’ http://www.bit.ly/2xDlxXg for some frameworks as to what this could look like. Mark Treadwell

  4. Catherine

    Hi George-
    I love the idea of focusing students on what’s possible with social media rather than what not to do. Any good resources/districts you could share that are doing this?
    Thank you!

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