1. I am in awe every day of the amazing people out there who wish goodness and success upon everyone they meet. It speaks volumes about them—they are confident without being cocky, they are generous, they are selfless, and their light shines all the brighter because of their openness to others’ success. I love this blog post George! Love love!

  2. Catherine Steinmetz

    Thanks for these words. They are extremely timely for some situations that I have been dealing with.

  3. Hi George,

    Thank you for sharing this. As always, you are absolutely spot on. It reminds me of a saying. I can’t remember the poetic words exactly, but a candle can light more candles without affecting its own light. This is what our profession needs. People who lift each other up.

    Whenever I start to hear negativity, I’m reminded of your quote: “We have to make the positive so loud that the negative becomes almost impossible to hear.”

    This post also reminds me of a tweet that I saw during Random Acts of Kindness Week: “Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most.” Thought-provoking! I agree that fighting back is never the answer.



  4. Kristen Nan

    You nailed it again! There is always a high road that we can take… always! AWESOME read George! #IMMOOC

  5. Stefanie Wendling

    Perfectly on 🎯. Thank you for assembling these words together, all in one spot. Inspire on.

  6. This is a blog post that should be shared in all schools. We have the opportunity to make a difference every day in education–with all learners.
    Let’s lift each other up today, why wait another minute!

  7. Brenda Leigh Webster

    Amen! I could not agree more with every word you wrote.
    Your words were shared with me today by my building principal and I felt like they were written for my soul.

    Our children watch our body language when we talk with or about other adults, they listen to our tone, they hear our words and they eventually model those behaviors. We need to be the role models for the future generation.
    I am printing this blog to keep as a reminder to keep shining, even in the darkest moments, keep shining.

    Surround yourselves with Marigolds, and beware of the Walnut Trees.

    Thanks for the powerful message!

    Keep doing what you are doing, your words have power and your message is clear. The world needs to hear this!

  8. Thanks George, a very good post and excellent advice. There does come a time however when you need to consider leaving the system when those in positions of higher authority have made the decision to block you any way they can.
    You are right to point out that it is strange that educators can treat other educators poorly, but my experience tells me that with a few notable exceptions, educators forget who they are (or were) the higher up the corporate ladder they climb.
    They can be very cruel and unforgiving to the point where on my case, they suspended me for three weeks without cause. While I was later vindicated and invited back into the professional fold, they never apologized which to me is inexcusable.
    A year after my suspension, I retired from my board and I am much more at peace. I still have a great community of positive fellow educators that I work and correspond with, but I no longer have to suffer the negative soul destroying authoritarians who made my life so difficult.
    Coming on to two years now after the suspension, it still rankles and could still be solved with a simple ‘sorry’.
    How can we expect to make real progress in our education systems when the people at the top expect blind compliance and who are willing to punish with impunity if they don’t get what they expect?

  9. Holly Christian

    I love this blog. It’s a great reminder of how we all should conduct ourselves, and teach our students to be. I feel blessed in my career in education to have worked with some amazing, wonderful, generous people. They have taught me so much about myself and who I want to be as an educator. There is no room for arrogance in our profession, only compassion.

  10. Carolina D

    Thank you George your inspiration has come in a time of my life that I need to pull through, and I will both professionally and personal.
    We are a community in education and should always be that way. Share the light and hope with the children and ALL in the community.

  11. Elisa Waingort

    Thank you. I needed to read this this morning. I agree that what scares us most is shining that light on the world. Who am I to do that? is the question that I never say out loud, but is always at the back of my mind. Lamenting why I’m not doing something or blaming others for not doing what I want to do and feel called to do, will get me nowhere. Again, thanks for the inspiration to find that light and shine it bright.

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