1. Desiree Finestone

    “They always say
    Time changes things
    But you actually have to change them
    Andy Warhol

  2. Kasey

    I love your Maxwell quote meme! As a middle school reading teacher and a John Maxwell Team certified coach, speaker, and trainer , I can’t agree more! Your article was exactly why I went through the training and certification proces to be a Maxwell Team member. I’ve been teaching for 22 years and knew that I needed to grow in order to be able to add value to my students as well as other teachers through our plcs, and the new teacher coaching and training I do. We do need to start pouring into our teachers! They are so beat down and discouraged and no one sees the value of the emotional state as it pertains to successful teaching. They become complacent and just hang on until retirement at the expense of the students and their colleagues. I witness this each and every day! There is so much more that can be done, but only if districts see the value in truly supporting personal growth of their teachers! We have PD in every new trend and technology, yet school don’t invest in true personal growth! Most teachers will not seek this on their own, so we need to figure out how to make this relevant. Thanks again for a great article!

  3. mavis

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