1. Sarah Sanders

    Amazing what can happen with a little tweek that increases motivation and engagement – your example speaks volumes and is a reminder of what can happen when we take the time to find out what our students need to hit their groove.

    Keep spinning George!

  2. This is so true! Just today I was with a blended learning classroom of 2nd graders when I noticed one little girl practically in tears while working on a math fact fluency program on her computer…as I sat with her to figure out the reason for her tears (of course thinking it was the math facts!) it turned out that she was upset that her headphones had made her ears hurt since she’d just gotten her ears pierced! There really wasn’t anything on her program that needed to be listened to at the moment so I suggested she take them off. You would’ve thought I was her superhero…I guess it hadn’t occurred to her she could take them off. Yeah, that changed her world for sure! Unfortunately, many teachers feel so hurried and outnumbered to take the time…but just a small change CAN make a big difference!

  3. mavis

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  4. Smiles

    Question: What do you do when you know some students benefit from listening to music and “tuning” the world out, but your administrator has banned you from using any technology in the room because of a bad situation the year before (I do agree it was awful and, there was good reason to ban all technology)?!

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