1. Hi George,
    I completely agree with you on the numbers aspect; the more adults that a child/middle schooler/teen knows is on their side and has an interest in them – the better. Just one word of caution from my many years – don’t just “acknowledge” someone in the hall – it can sometimes be misconstrued as insincere, and student start to think oh he says hi to everybody. Do whatever is necessary to make sure the student knows you mean it… that they’re not just another body in the hallway to whom you’re saying hello. If time allows, follow up with a question or something.
    As always – great post and great to have that reminded to be “that” teacher. 🙂

  2. J Glasgow

    Mr. Couros,

    I was introduced to your blog a few months ago and I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for everything you share. This post particularly resonates with me because I do school supervision everyday. I am constantly coming into contact with students who are not mine, but who I have come to develop a relationship with outside of the classroom. I have found that simply knowing a student’s name and calling them by their name can change their day. Students often act completely shocked and taken off guard because somebody has acknowledged them.

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