1. Yomaida England

    Thank you for this post. This is something I’m proud of as I sincerely do this naturally. Yes, it can be difficult at times, but the payoff is incredibly worth it & heart warming. I’m so curious to know if you have a post sharing your personal primary and beyond school experience.

  2. Desiree Finestone

    George, your post got me thinking..
    I agree that we can ‘always find good in the bad and strengths in our their weaknesses’. Everyone of us at different times and in different circumstances displays and should be allowed to display the 5 signs you mentioned.

    As you mentioned it is NOT fine to be disrespectful. It is totally unacceptable however, to be inconsiderate of how personal behaviour in any form or shape, no matter how creative or talented one might be. There is no excuse for people (no matter what their age) and no matter how amazingly creative they might be, to feel free to use a tone of voice or body language that offends others.

    If teachers need to show the positive and open minded attitude of looking beyond their creative students attitudes, then these students need to learn the art of good communication skills.

    This is where the mentor teacher can role model and make a difference to students’ attitudes and consideration of others, no matter how wonderfully creative they might be.

  3. Neena Namrata Bali

    George loved reading your article and truly believe in what you said. Above all they says “Love begets love” It is our love for our students that helps us to forgive them and help them to channelize their energies in the right direction. I have also noticed when we forgive our students for their mistakes and show a caring and supportive attitude, they feel sorry and are motivated to walk in the right direction. Also, they never forget the trust we showed and this helps in developing an attitude of gratitude in them. In this way they willingly accept their mistakes are ready to bring in the required changes.

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