• George, I encourage you and all educators to really examine the foundations of mindfulness. There are attitudes to examine which support all humans in these very normal times, for instant being kind to oneself, nonjudgement, and nonstriving. The Mindful School Leader is a great resource.
      Your work is always inspiring, you my friend, continue to show up. Be well.

  1. Gilmar

    Thanks for sharing this “weakness” moment George. That’s just what I needed to read to comfort myself having experienced this uncomfortable situation more often than my perfectionism would appreciate/accept. That said, bear in mind you are an inspiration of a huge crowd all over! Thanks again!

  2. I appreciate you words and can relate in having a hard time with the task you gave us today. My generation ran from the camera. I am pushing myself to accept the fact it is OK to take a selfie and not be vain. It’s still uncomfortable but no excuse is acceptable just like it’s not acceptable to keep living in the past. If I expect others to move and progress I have to push myself as well. Thanks for such an inspiring message today.

  3. Amy

    Thank you for this message today. It truly came at a great time for me, as I could relate to everything you said. You inspire and push me, and I appreciate all you give to the education field, the ups and downs included. Your real leadership example has helped me reflect on my down day. Thank you.

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