1. Excellent post! The insights you shared made me ponder, “Am I pushing myself to learn and grow because of direct leadership or despite it?” Tough questions to answer! Your insight for making change happen is on target with great suggestions for Implementation. I especially love the ways we can disrupt our routine – status quo is so inviting, but stagnant water gets murky after a while. Thanks for the inspiration as always!

  2. So what do you do if you feel you have outgrown your leadership to ensure that your own growth doesn’t stagnate? – A terrific question and not an easy one to answer. I find I get my best prompts from your posts and this is a really good one. One pause – it is really important when considering an answer to this question not to consider oneself better than the leadership you need to get away from. I believe you have to do all three things that are mentioned in this post – find mentorship outside your organization. (online and offline), disrupt your routine, and certainly, leave. I have done all three and have been very critical of my former employers since I have left. While they have reacted poorly to my posts, I think it is important to understand their point of view. It is extremely difficult, maybe impossible to be innovative when you represent a large district. Your role is to preserve and to protect – how can you be expected to be innovative and creative at the same time? Is this even possible? Maybe it isn’t and my criticism, therefore, has not been completely fair. So, maybe the best response is as you write in this post – look elsewhere for your inspiration, disrupt the routine that is holding you down and most certainly leave and start over. Thanks for this post George.

  3. Estupendo. Es realmente una gran y útil pieza de información. Me alegra que haya compartido esta información útil con nosotros. Gracias por compartir.

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