1. Great second question. I tend to fail and learn from it, but need to do a better job of being open about it with my staff. Your example of the “perfectionist” made me think of how I am open with my staff about my tendencies to take on too much and give them too much to take on at once. What are some other failures you have seen administrators share?

  2. Desiree Finestone

    How often does a ‘planned’ lesson go pear shaped? Glazed eyes and restless students confirm that you have ‘lost’ them.
    So what?? I find it almost impossible to plan how students will react and respond. Sometimes their response is amazing and blows me away, sometimes I realise it’s best to quickly quit the ‘planned learning’ where learning is not happening.
    What to do now? This works for me:
    ‘Honesty is the best policy’.
    I share what’s happened with the kids.
    I explain to them what and why we were doing this and that I noticed their lack of interest and engagement. I ask them how best they think we might go about learning about this
    The learning experience must link to the Central Idea. Using a simple thinking routine eg
    Claim; Support; Question keeps their thinking on track.
    Suddenly our classroom becomes messy, disjointed, noisy and all over the place. The complete opposite of what the ‘planned lesson’ might have looked like.
    I let it happen…
    We then gather and share our thinking.
    It’s quite amazing what the kids come up with. It’s amazing how they listen to each other’s ideas.
    It’s amazing how engaged they become when thinking about their own learning.

    It’s amazing how learning can happen sometimes when kids get to plan for and with us.
    They respect our honesty, realise we don’t claim to be perfect and
    like to know we need their input to support learning.

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  4. […] I have been blossoming in the the conducive environment that my school district has provided me. Heartfelt thank you to Union School District!  I  learn from leaders in my district and stellar teachers how to challenge myself, take risk and be creative! I am  inspired by reading George’s book ” Innovate Mindset” and following his blog. Especially like this blog and TOTALLY agree with it Sharing ups and downs of learning! […]

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