1. I am looking back at when I first started teaching was because of a conversation I recently had with a new teacher starting in the same grade level in which I started (grade four). I talked about my experience teaching that grade level and shared that I loved what I did, but there are so many things that I have learned from that time, What I did share is that he will look back on these years of teaching at some point in his career and feel the same way I do.

  2. I mean by this quote, is that teachers have access to other teachers in a way that I did not have even when I first started teaching in 1999. In less than 20 years, so much has changed, and the opportunities as a first-year teacher and a 50th-year teacher are mind blowing.

  3. I first started teaching, I was blessed to have a grade level partner who shared everything with me. As an educator, I was extremely lucky to work beside someone who had a lot of experience in education and was willing to share their knowledge and wisdom with a brand new teacher. I was also lucky to be in a school where someone was teaching the same grade level.

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