• Isn’t there a difference between literacy and consumption? I mean, yes, I drive a car but I don’t know how to make one. An auto is a tool for motion. Is being able to read just a tool for something? If we broadened the thesis to define “production” as both writing and speaking, would that make it a better formulation?

      • I love your example of driving a car! Consider this:

        Without question, NASCAR drivers have acquired the skills necessary to drive cars at high speeds in confined areas. Who can argue that they aren’t literate in the skill of driving? And yet, few NASCAR drivers know the ins and outs of car production.

        Literacy is not a two-way street.

  1. Lisa Davisson

    Hi George,
    Because of your book, The Innovator’s Mindset, coupled with all I have been learning and reading about in my masters program, I am almost completely revamping my classroom this year. And now, because of this post I am going to begin a blog (my students will begin to blog this year as well and create ePortfolios 🙂 I have been dragging my feet on this because honestly I have felt like I have nothing to share. I am looking at it currently as simply a reflection of my change in mindset as well as personal and professional growth. Thanks for all you do.

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