1. I love that phrase, “recognize, rectify, and move forward.” I’d say it happens often in our field. Carrying out and sharing our passions can be intimidating to others. Face to face communication has been my best rectify and move forward tools. Although email and newsletters are great, that one on one conversation topped with a hug is most helpful. 😉

  2. Nicely done. In the end, what we have in common (high quality learning) outweighs the natural differences we have around the how’s. Being “right” is rarely the best outcome in these situations. I’ve been much more vocal about playing down any expertise that might be assumed. The big advantage you and I both have is we’re privileged to see and know and wider range of high quality learning environments than the average teacher. Our job in large part is to open their world and yes push without accusations.

    Your blog is nice.

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