1. Great post George. I really appreciate the ideas of empathy, working side-by-side, solution focused, and develops others. I would add self-aware and able to say “I’m sorry” and “I don’t know.”

  2. Greg

    Great post George,

    What I get fired up about every day is helping my team develop their talents into strengths. We’ve been doing a huge amount of work in this area recently. We’re really digging into what makes each one of us a powerful “superstar” as an individual but also working hard to understand each other and how to best team together to truly amplify our effectiveness. I get a huge amount of joy as the team leader working alongside my team as we do this work. We have come to know each other better, empathy for each other has increased by leaps and bounds, and I feel pride that I can see the joy in working together my team expressed everyday.

    Thanks for the great content. Keep it coming.

  3. George, as always… inspiring! Truly a list worth pasting on the wall and aspiring to each day.

    I would add “Be an optimist” to the list, maybe in conjunction with #7.

  4. Liz Gruber

    Great Post and so true. Thank you. I really like the Learner charateristic, I think the same is true for teachers. Lifelong learners make the best teachers. If you are to comfortable, you aren’t growing and chances are, neither are your students (or in a leader’s case, your teachers). Look forward to reading more of your posts!

  5. Angela Gatto

    I absolutely LOVE the comment by Steve Jobs. Great managers hire or develop smart workers so that they can do the job they were hired for with little intervention from administration. Great leaders do NOT micromanage their people.

  6. Ken Silver

    Orchestra conductors in major symphonies never compromise on the quality of their musicians.

  7. Marie Morgan

    Great post! Inspiring! Thanks for continuing to remind us how important it is to learn alongside each other!

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