1. Art

    Wow!!! I just gave up on the tissues a few minutes in and let the tears flow! What is your phrase about making the positive so loud that you can’t hear the neg…? Positive connections and relationships will not happen if we don’t do what we can to build trust. These actions have saved lives, no doubt!

    Love this post!!!!!

  2. Sharon Neibert

    George. I loved this post. One of my favourite things to do at the end of the day is show a short video to my students that will open their eyes to something new or make them think differently about the world. You have given me 5 more great ones, as well as some wonderful ideas to implement next year. Thanks for the good cry too!

  3. MIchal Reed

    I’m surprised you never had an English class that wrote journals. I had an English teacher respond to my life in the early 70’s and I create a 6 week, 10 minutes a day assignment where students write whatever they want. I have a list of prompts they can use, that many use at first. I give them the “don’t read” option if they feel their expression is too private, however, after the other students share my responses most want to hear what I have to say, too. In former times we both had to deal with often illegible hand-writing; google docs and classroom eliminate that problem, but asking students about their lives has been going on for many pre-tech generations!

  4. Annette M Slone

    Thank you. Just thank you. There is nothing greater than the power of the human connection, and you’ve reminded us of 5 amazing ways to use technology for the positive!

  5. Those videos were fantastic. I love this blog. I am not someone that loves playing with technology. Having said that, seeing these applications of technology and how it can be a great tool for getting people to engage with each other, I want to explore it and use it to bring the world to students and make their learning/lives richer for it. Thanks.

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