1. Gary Bau

    Great perspective George.
    R U MAD?
    Are you making a difference?..if not, why not?
    Improvement is incremental.
    Change is easy!
    Let’s improve education, by transformation rather than change.

  2. I love these questions! Great way to frame the planning of any professional learning opportunities and to build in as a reflective tools within and after any learning.
    Our students could be asked similar questions:
    What did you learn today?
    How will the world know and benefit?

  3. Kathryn Finch

    I love this. I try to look for at least one gem when attending PD. This gem is new learning that I find highly valuable (it makes an impact in teaching and learning) and will stand the test of time.

  4. I totally agree with you: action brings change, not just talking about it. Love the impact that the 2 questions can have. I will be taking it a step further with the principals and superintendents that I work with: What did you learn today? How will your teachers/principals know and benefit?

    Thanks George.

  5. Jill Reese

    In addition to asking how your practice will change I believe there is a need for accountability. A follow-up question might be: When you began to implement the change of . . . How did your students initially respond and how did they respond after a period of time?

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