1. Britta Mechlinski

    Hi George,

    What constitutes some of what you call “red tape” in teaching? Can you give some examples?


  2. David Rockwood

    Great post. Red tape communicates distrust.

    “Bureaucratic organizations rely on a hierarchy of authority for coordination and control, whereas professional organizations rely on trust in the expertise of the professionals granting them discretion in responding to the needs of clients. . . . there is a danger that school leaders will overemphasize bureaucratic elements with their implicit distrust of those at the lower levels of the organization, at the expense of cultivating professionalism among teachers. A professional orientation flips the traditional organizational chart on its head, placing the work of teachers, who are on the front lines . . . at the top of the pyramid, with the administrators shoring up that work from the bottom.”
    -Megan Tschannen-Moran, “Trust Matters: Leadership for Successful Schools,” p.42

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