1. […] This is why the term “Innovative Teaching and Learning Leads” is one that is so appealing to me.  This focus on “innovative” (doing new and better things) leads focusing on teaching and learning means that you are not simply trying to find ways to implement technology, but you are looking for better ways to teach and learn.  By the way, you can’t just replace the word “technology” with “innovation” and then magic happens. The role and focus will have have to change.  Yet, how often do you see curriculum titles changing to focus on “innovation”? It is usually the “techies”, which ultimately leads to the misconception that “technology equals innovation”. […]

  2. Chris

    I agree with 1 and 3. Two I question. Reading this https://educationandstuff.wordpress.com/2017/04/29/mavericks-nerds-and-innovation/ and looking at the leading innovators in tech show that a high level of education is needed to be innovation in the tech industry.

    I believe that innovation, like creativity and critical thinking, requires a lot of subject knowledge. As a result, not anyone can be innovative in education. In order to create innovative practices in education that person will have a large knowledge base and a lot of time in the classroom.

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