1. Chris

    Schools not just serve the students but they serve the public as well. A educated population is vital to society and to democracy.

    Success does come in different forms. I do what my students to be good citizens. However, my primary focus is academics. Doing well in school leads to many great opportunities for students. It increases social mobility. Not getting your high school diploma significantly lowers you chance of a good career. Getting a university degree significantly increases your chances of a great career.

    Doing well in school leads to many great opportunities for students and it also makes for a better society. Our primary focus as teachers and schools needs to be doing well in school.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I agree that success has different paths for different people. It is a shame to me that we try to heard everyone along the same path, put them in the same classes, to memorize the same material.
    Something needs to change within our education system, to allow intelligence to actually shine through in different areas.

  3. George, I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and Naperville is about 30 min west of me. It’s the “fastest growing city” in population around here. It’s not the only high school district that pushes AP classes. I think students are catching on, however, and I hope parents are, too. I hope the notice of this petition helps. Thank you for sharing this!

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