1. R. Stansberry

    When I retired from Thomas Dale 6 years ago, I knew that it was our teachers who made the difference and not those in the media espousing the death of public education. Public education is what has made America great and continues to do today.

  2. JasCas

    Great post as always but I would like to add something:
    Pirate Bay was killing Blockbuster and NetFlix was the compromise.
    Napster was killing the music industry and Apple was a compromise.
    Uber and AirBnB circumvent transportation and zoning regulations as part of their business model.
    Amazon just lost a competitive advantage now that it charges provincial sales tax.
    Only schools can change schools but it will mean challenging the outdated rules in the process.

  3. Yifang Chang

    Thank you. Yes, it is your mindset that matters in this world. What is more important to you?
    Love this: “Your students and your communities might not thank you as much as is deserved, but your impact will always be significant.”

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